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Justice for Adelaido Bernabe Urias

Illustration by: @shopcherine on Instagram

68-year-old Adelaido Bernabe Urias was robbed and shot by three men on June 23, 2020 – passing from his injuries on July 2, 2020. At the time of the murder, he was working as a paletero (ice cream vendor) in North Austin.

Adelaido Urias; Photo: Jennifer Bahena

This tragic story touched us on the most basic and obvious and human level. To rob and shoot an elderly ice cream man is beyond cowardly and heartbreaking. While news broadcasts are always (and especially lately) filled with constant tragedy, this murder stood out to us and struck a chord in our soul because we relate to Adelaido in many ways.

Adelaido immigrated from Guerrero, Mexico 17 years ago. Just like us (and countless others in this country) he came to the United States seeking better opportunities. Throughout his time here, he held a variety of jobs to financially support his wife and daughter in Mexico.

Through his work as a paletero, Adelaido distributed delicious consumable products to Austin-area residents. He was part of a community of people helping to bring a little bit of Mexican culture and cuisine to the streets of Austin, the same community that we know and love. He did exactly what Braavos Co does, just with different products and a different mode of transportation.

We know little about Adelaido, but what we do know says a lot. He immigrated from Mexico and was working as a paletero to send money back to his family in Mexico. These few facts about his life indicate a strong and steady work ethic. They indicate he was a good man, a selfless man.

He worked hard everyday - pushing his cart of paletas

through Austin neighborhoods in the scorching Texas heat to sell a variety of Mexican style popsicles and treats to locals. As the cheerful and friendly neighborhood paletero, Adelaido became a staple in the community a vital part of the neighborhood atmosphere. For many, he was the best part of a long, hot day. He was the summer childhood memory kids will remember nostalgically when they themselves are parents and hear the bells of the paletero cart approaching their neighborhood.

We will not stand for cold-hearted violence like this, especially towards those in our community. Justice needs to be served.

Illustration by: @california_650 on Instagram

If you’d like to help, here are simple actions you can take:

  • SHARE Adelaido’s story. The more exposure the better.

  • JOIN the ‘Justice for Adelaido’ facebook page:

  • CONTRIBUTE to funeral expenses through the GoFundMe set up by his family:

  • If you have any information about this case, please CONTACT Crimestoppers at (512)-472 -TIPS(8477) or through the Crimestoppers App. You can also contact the Austin Police Department Homicide Unit through their tip line, (512-)974-TIPS(8477), or e-mail them at You can stay ANONYMOUS and your immigration status will NOT be questioned.

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