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1 bottle of Noisy Water - Besito Caliente Green Chile Wine 25oz (750ml)

Noisy Water - Besito Caliente Green Chile Wine 25oz (750ml)


Our 2022 Besito Caliente is a delightful semi-sweet Riesling-Moscato infused with Hatch green chile. This wine has a uniquely roasted green chile and mesquite honey aroma that's reminiscent of fall in New Mexico. The palate is fruit-forward with crisp, golden delicious apple notes and a subtle smoky and spicy finish. The wine is light-bodied and perfectly balanced with sweet and subtly spicy flavors. We enjoy pairing this wine with our favorite New Mexican dishes like green chile stew, green chile fettuccini alfredo, chicken tacos and green chile and pepperoni pizza. 

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