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1 bottle of Mazot Bacanora Palmilla 

Alc Vol. 47%

Mazot Bacanora Palmilla


Palmilla is the traditional Sonoran name for spirits distilled from the Sotol plant (Dasylirion wheeleri), also called Desert Spoon in
Arizona. An abundance of Palmilla/Sotol-Desert Spoon grow in the
highest elevations of the family ranch, El Torreoncito. These are
very mature "old growth" plants. In Chihuahua the average Sotol pina produces about 1 liter of final distillate. El Torreoncito Sotols produce 4-5 liters per plant. The Chacons use a special two phase fermentation that brings out deep complex flavors.There are two seasons for distilling, winter and summer, and the flavors are distinct, though they share a common base. The winter distillates are slow, low temperature fermentations, and the flavor is very rich of tallowy fatty acids. The summer distillations are fast and hot and the flavors are like a wild childbouncing on the tongue with complex mineral and herbal flavors. The nose and flavor is a
complex, intense herbal, musty green and mint with earthy minerality. "Wetlands" is also a common descriptor.

Species: Dasylirion wheeleri
Terroir: Wild Estate Grown, Limestone, Limestone Conglomerate.
Age/Size: 15 to 50-60 yrs. Average 50 kg (30-70 kg), up to 120 kg.
Treatment: Cooked in Horno 48 hours, Mesquite/Oak. Sotol Pinas
are left in the Horno an additional 12 hours for cool-down, because
of the size and maturity/density of the pinas.
Fermentation: Summer: (Verano) 6-8 days.
Winter: (Invierno) 12-14 days
ADI* Double Gold Medal, Best in Class winner, Certified Craft
Spirit (2021,2022).

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