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1 bottle of  Mazot Bacanora Anisado

Alc Vol. 42%

Mazot Bacanora Anisado


Bacanora Anisado has a gender/spiritual/fiesta identity. It is
traditional flavoring used for festivals in the region, especially for
Semana Santa (Holy Week). It is also used by women during
prayer/funeral vigils. The family anise recipe is slightly sweetened
with a lower ABV alcohol. The flavoring is light enough that it adds
a delicate balance to the bacanora agave flavor without
overpowering it. Bacanora Anisado is oriented primarily for women or those at festivals who don't want to drink the stronger Bacanora from ranches and backyards.

Species: A. Pacifica, 8-12 yrs.
ABV: 42%
Production: 800-1,000 liters/year (2019)
ADI* Double Gold Medal winner, Best in Category, Certified
Craft Spirit

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