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1 Pack of La Comandanta, Purple Acoyote 19.41oz (550g)

La Comandanta, Purple Acoyote 19.41oz (550g)

SKU: 7503021130112


The largest and most gallant bean in Mexico.

Ayocotes or purple runner are thick-skinned and meaty beans that go from dense to creamy with continuous cooking*. 

This is the most gallant bean in Mexico because in central towns of the country,  they are consumed in special events such as receptions, weddings and baptisms.

Ideal with black mole, guajillo chilli sauce, in salads with vinaigrette, with olive oil, sautéed mushrooms and garlic; or in soups that allow you to appreciate its strong flavor.

*For creamy results, cook them 1 hour 20 minutes on your express pot.

It does not contain preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, or artificial flavors.

Origin: Puebla.

Contains 500g

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