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1 Pack of La Comandanta, Negro Bola Beans 19.41oz (550g)

La Comandanta, Negro Bola Beans 19.41oz (550g)

SKU: 7503021130143

Negro Bola Beans

Bright, round and irregular. The most sought-after among the towns in the center of the country. Delicious!

Native/Creole beans of exotic varieties and in danger of disappearing.

There are 14 varieties that today make up the line of Limited Harvest Creole Beans.
Due to their scarcity, La Comandanta rotates them all year round so that Mexican families know them, enjoy them and we can preserve them.

Frjiol of the highest quality, non-intervened seeds.
These are virgin seeds passed down from generation to generation as heritage, identity and culture by traditional Mexican peasant families.
Cultivated on their own land. Not agro-industry.

Region of origin: Tlalamac, Estado de México.

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