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1 bottle of Diega Gin Pink 31.96oz (945ml)

35% alc. Vol

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Diega Gin Pink 31.96oz (945ml)

SKU: 7501479702288

Casa Diega is a Grupo Nus project that began in 2016 together with the Flor de la Paz foundation in Valle de Bravo and Bodegas Collado with the aim of creating the first gin that had the best of the land, the art and the spirit of Mexico City and Valle de Bravo. We worked together for more than a year to be able to offer something unique and that could remind us that Mexico has all the potential to compete against any country in the market for high-end alcoholic beverages. Without a doubt, Diega, in addition to being a gin originally composed of Mexican and organic botanicals, is also a pleasure to enjoy in many ways: gin and tonics, martinis, classic or modern cocktails, and Mexican cuisine.

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