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1 bottle of Delincuente, Mezcal Pechuga de Conejo 25oz (750ml)

45% alc. Vol

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Delincuente, Mezcal Pechuga de Conejo 25oz (750ml)


Destilados Delincuente is a mezcal and sotol maker harmonizing culture and traditions of two cultures. Our main goal is to join the best of our land in a single brand, putting together two spiritual drinks, one fom the northern and the other one from the southern of the country, rescuing the traditional processes and taking care of quality for the tasters' pleasure.  

From Oaxaca, mezcal from Sola de Vega region, where the best Agave plants are produced are put through a process that begins with the plants' head burning in conic oven and volcanic rocks, grounded with wooden mallen and clay pot double destination.  

From Chihuahua "Sotol" which is made with the best wild plants from Dasylirion a liliaceous plant which inhabitants from the great Paquime, the most advanced agricultura! culture from the northern ofMexico used to ferment to use it in their ceremonial rituals. 

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