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Cans of Cuitlacoche Corn Truffle 7.5oz (215g)

Cuitlacoche Corn Truffle 7.5oz (215g)


San Miguel is synonymous with quality natural products, treasuring the centuries-old traditions of agriculture. It all began in 1967 in the magnificent town of San Miguel de Allende with a very great illusion of the Madrazo Family to make our fields produce food of the highest quality. We have always sought to do what few do, to take care of nature, our land, our countryside and our people. Give more than others, sow, care for, harvest and re-sow in a sustainable way and always respecting the cycles of Nature to obtain the best Flavors, Nutrients and Purity that the Golden circle gives us: The Earth, The Water and The Sun. Today, for more than forty years, San Miguel is a company adapted to the times, with an international projection and a wide range of products. Although today the company enjoys the most modern production technologies, San Miguel products continue to be made with original recipes and traditional Mexican food. Since the beginning of San Miguel we were very clear about it and we set ourselves the goal of improving the quality of life of Mexicans by making it healthier and of greater well-being. Food is OUR Passion and sowing love in our work. OUR Focus is on producing, packaging and distributing the best ingredients from Mexico and the World, knowing that someone is going to enjoy it when they taste it, when they feel it, experience it and excite it. Bringing products to your table to make your life more Practical, Rich and Nutritious, WE DO WHAT FEW DOES.

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