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1 bottle of Creador: Jabali 25oz (750ml)

48.9% alc. Vol

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Creador: Jabali 25oz (750ml)

SKU: 850032865050


Harvested wild (silvestre) near Sola De Vega in the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca, agave convallis which is used to make jabalí (pronounced hah-bah-LEE) is notoriously challenging to work. When José Alberto learned of the difficulty to work jabalí, he immediately wanted to take on the challenge, and this first batch produced is certainly worth it.

There are a few troubles working with jabalí. First, the piñas have a lower yield compared to higher yield agaves such as those that make espadín, lumbre, or mexicano. Second, during fermentation and sometimes distillation, the bagasso produces a lot of foam, which needs to be monitored and removed because it contains unwanted saponins and can damage the stills.

With the low yield and the foam combined the effort is not worth the return, and some producers will mix jabalí with another agave to create a full batch. What makes this batch special is not only that it is made from 100% agave convallis, but that it is also José Alberto’s first, and the results are outstanding.

Species: Agave convallis

Batch number: JAJA0422 (*first batch)

Batch size: 100 liters (133 x 750ml bottles)

Distilled: April 2021 (190 total liters)

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 48.9%

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