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1 bottle of Creador: Espadin 25oz (750ml)

49.4% alc. Vol

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Creador: Espadin 25oz (750ml)

SKU: 850032865043


Cultivated in San Bernardo Mixtepec in the Zimatlán region of Oaxaca, agave angustifolia, the agave (maguey) that is used to create espadín (pronounced eh-spa-DEEN), was introduced to this region in the 1990s. At an elevation of approximately 1651 meters, high in the hills above the pueblo, espadín here takes 8-10 years to reach maturity. Fermented and distilled in clay, José Alberto’s espadín is rich and full-bodied.

Species: Agave angustifolia

Batch number: JAES0422

Batch size: 150 liters (200 x 750ml bottles)

Distilled: Mar 2020 (250 total liters)

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 49.4%

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