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2 Glass Test Tubes (15 grs)

Compania de Sales: Agave Worm & Mexican Pepper Leaf Sea Salt, 2-pack

SKU: 650886022575

This is our very special “Sal de Gusano”
inspired by the magical atmosphere of
Mexico´s food markets. We combined
toasted agave worms with Hierba Santa
(Mexican Pepper Leaf) to create an
interesting mix of smoky and herbal

Fruit like orange, apple and guava.
Guacamole, salads, grilled chicken, tequila
and mezcal based cocktails as bloddy
marys, vampiro, clamato and margarita.


Salt, chili peppers (Capsicum annuum),
agave worm (Hypopta agavis), Mexican
pepperleaf (Piper auritum), citric acid,
vegetable oil, artificial colorings

Net wt 3.5 oz (100 g)
Shelf life: 3 yr
Box capacity: 6 units
Box dimensions: 8.5´ x 5.5´ x 5.5


From: Monterrey, Mexico