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1 Bottle of Casar de Burbia, Mencía (2014) 750ml 


Type Wine - Still - Red
Producer Casar de Burbia
Region Castilla y León, Spain
Grape Mencía
Appellation Castilla y León

Casar de Burbia, Mencía (2014)

SKU: 814814010113

For the elaboration of this wine, which takes the name of the winery, the grapes from the Valdepiñeiro Estate are used with altitudes ranging between 400 and 600 meters. These vineyards grow in more evolved soils with a higher clay content, which accentuates the varietal potential of the Mencía grape. Intense wine, frank and direct, with wood as a companion in the form of candy and not as a protagonist.

Bright red color and clean, large layer, with tears that show its glyceric content.
A raspberry aromas are noticed at the stop; moving the cup appears the American oak caramel in perfect balance with the fruit.
The palate is thick, tannic and tasty, with a good acidity that in addition to joy and vivacity denotes a long life. Raspberry and cherry predominate over American oak candy.
Operating temperature
Between 15 and 17ºC
Until 2020
Red and grilled meats, game, roasts, sausages, foie gras and spoon dishes.

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