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Case of 12 Bottles of Casa del Agua Sparkling Water 20oz (600ml)

Casa del Agua Sparkling Water 20oz (600ml) Case of 12 Bottles

SKU: 7500326248955


Because we are water, because water is the center of the ecosystem, because drinking it is essential, at Casa del Agua we give meaning to the water you decide to drink. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. Intention is the essential form of energy and water is its universal conductor. Casa del Agua was born from these principles. Captured, purified and bottled on site, that's why we call it "the local water". With a high standard of purification and remineralization. ​ Made and bottled in collectible glass bottles, because we care about ecology and recycling, Casa del Agua evokes and appeals to what is well done and represents everything that has merit for what it is and not for what it pretends to be... ​

It is honesty, clarity and purity.


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