1 bag of Snak Club, PP Sour Gummy Worms 7.5oz

Snak Club, PP Sour Gummy Worms

SKU: 087076645472

Snak Club Sour Worms provide a sweet and sour kick that will please your taste buds. This bag of sour worms are fruit flavored and shaped like worms. Each worm has two fruit flavored combinations. Crafted with no sodium and gluten free, this treat is sure to delight your sweet tooth. The resealable bag maintains freshness and prevents spillage while snacking on-the-go. Our candy snacks are perfect for you and those you love when you feel the urge to bestow a special treat. Snack sweeter! To enjoy other Snak Club candy varieties, choose our purple bag! Snak Club has been expertly crafting seasoned nuts, candy varieties, fruit, trail and snack mix recipes for over thirty-two years.

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