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Santiago Roma, Albariño (2016)


Type Wine - Still - White
Producer Santiago Roma
Region Galicia, Spain
Grape Albariño
Appellation Rías Baixas

Santiago Roma, Albariño (2016)


We present the Albariño wines of Santiago Roma, the pride of the family, raised in the lands of Ribadumia following a process of craftsmanship and taking maximum care of their elaboration from the vines to the bottle. These are the offspring of Santiago Roma:


Rías Baixas Santiago Roma Albariño.
A good organoleptic balance of our grapes, destemming, pressing at low pressures, cold defoaming, controlled fermentation between 18ºC and 20ºC.


Tasting note


COLOUR: White, clean and bright, straw with golden hues.

NOSE: Albariño purity (balsamic of laurel), slightly dry field note, subtle hint of dry and clean eucalyptus leaf, forefront of ripe apple.

MOUTH: Pleasant entrance of clean sensations, where its freshness acquires protagonism and where laurel, lemon and apple at its forefront are combined by a pleasant note of fresh herb with a measured and pleasant finish of bitterness that gives it life.

When the wine reaches its ideal consumption temperature, characteristic marks will appear on the label.

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