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1 Glass jar packaging of Regional Co – Jamaican pepper 10g / 0.35oz– Flower orange blossom 3g / 0.11oz– Mauve flower 3g / 0.11oz

Regional Botanicals: Vodka

  • Vodka, one of the world’s strongest drinks with more body that we can take…It doesn’t go out of fashion but you can always evolve it. How? With new ingredients that turn it into something special, unique and tasty.

    With this Vodka box, lovers of this drink will be able to create new cocktails with updated, different flavours. Touches of flavour and scents will help you discover new mixtures with your guests and, of course, by yourself. 3 tubes, 3 ingredients, 3 botanicals, more special than ever. Altogether in their perfect doses or separately…create a fusion with your best Vodka and the results will be, without a doubt, masterful.

    Orange blossom: Summer nights, late walks at dusk and a powerful, pleasant, unique smell from which it hurts to separate. It’s orange blossom and the power of its flower. From the very south of our earth, it marks the sunny, warm season with its freshness that lasts until the end of the afternoon. What would love be without orange blossom?

    With even the smallest amount, it brings a unique smell to our noses and great benefits to our bodies – who could resist always having a good dose of orange blossom in their kitchen? Prepare a rich infusion with the flower of the orange blossom, make your own essential oil for massages or create, the now famous, orange blossom water that you won’t be able to stop drinking. It’s not only refreshing but also delicious – it brings us the utmost happiness.

    Take it alone or boost its benefits by mixing it with cinnamon, lemon or honey. The taste will be even more magnificent and your body will seriously appreciate it, no doubt about it.

    For your drinks and cocktails…it’s essential! Because of its acidic taste (without you having to reach for an orange or lemon), it’ll be like drinking honey. You’ll notice its intense floral flavour but in a very personal, special way. With ginger, it’s the perfect ceremony of tastes. Add it to your glass at room temperature and then add your ice. Leave it be or take take it out of your glass before drinking, according to taste.

    What are its health benefits?

    Nowadays, we can’t ignore orange blossom as it’s our best ally in fighting stress, nervousness and that anxiety that we all experience in our everyday lives.

    – Fighting against insomnia, menstrual pains or headaches are some of orange blossom’s biggest and most successful attributions.

    – Soothes stomach pain thanks to its sedative power, relieving intense digestion.

    – Soothes your sore throat and cough.

    – Helps your kidneys function better.

    The Jamaican pepper…although a pepper it is not. It’s an enigma spice that causes great confusion, giving us flavour, aroma and endless benefits. If you love spices and trying new foods, the Jamaican pepper has to be in your kitchen.

    It’s a berry that, by itself, collects a great number of spices. It’s an authentic All in One! It’s like eating pepper, cloves, cinnamon and juniper at the same time, which is why it’s called one of the great gifts of nature.

    Allspice, guayabita, malagueta, or candy…You’ve seen it in many different forms but it always stays the same. We’re sure you’ll love Jamaican pepper, but why?

    Because in addition to its intense, special flavour, it has impressive health benefits for your body, such as:

    – It’s full of vitamins A, B6, C and niacin that help your skin become radiant, increasing the flow of oxygen and blood.

    – Opens your skin’s pores so that toxins can be released and not get blocked up.

    – Eliminates bacteria and toxins from your skin.

    – Prevents hair loss…how marvellous!

    – Makes your hair soft and shiny…who wouldn’t want that? Create your own Jamaican pepper oil and take care of your beautiful hair to make it stronger and healthier.

    – Rich in minerals: magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and selenium make it a powerful antioxidant.

    – Neutralises free radicals and is therefore very powerful for the immune system.

    – Good as an antiseptic and excellent as an analgesic.

    Its intense violet colour should definitely be in your most special cocktails. It’ll add a unique shade to your drinks that’ll let anyone enjoy what you’ve made.

    Gin, neutral vodka or vermouth are its perfect companions. Infuse it with a good amount of your chosen drink and let its flavours and aroma burst. Three minute in and everything will be dyed violet – the perfect moment to make the rest of your cocktail. Strain the mixture, add the rest of the ingredients and decorate it with the flower.

    Great taste, aroma and colour…it also benefits your body. The perfect conjunction.

    – It coats the digestive organs, protecting them from harmful agents.

    – Helps the functioning of the digestive system.

    – It’s great for healing wounds…It’s a great ally to skin (eczema, wounds, acne, ulcers, sores, sunburn).

    – It must always be present during colds and and other respiratory issues (sore throats, coughs…)

    – Encourages hair growth and clear skin.

    – Reduces fever by fighting internal infections.

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