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1 Glass jar packaging of Regional Co –– Vanilla 5g / 0.35oz– Orange blossom 3gr– Lemon peel 8g / 0.28oz

Regional Botanicals: Vermouth

  • Vermouth, the cocktail that reminds us of both our parents and grandparents. But once you’ve tried it, you’ll become a loyal fan.

    It has a unique, special flavour that will transport you to another era and is hugely popular at the moment. An old liquor with Italian origins, with a fortified wine base, combined with spices and herbs that whet the appetite and prepare us for a good lunch or dinner. Become the king of appetisers – take up the habit that brought people so much joy and is only now coming back into fashion. Vermouth appeared in the city of Turin, back in 1786, when the acclaimed merchant, Antonio Benedetto Carpano, decided to create a drink dedicated to upper class women who viewed wine as too “rough” and wanted something more elegant to drink. After several tests, his experiments culminated in infusing great wine, adding herbs, spices and a little brandy. The result was loved so much that we still drink it today and are always thinking of exclusive ingredients to enhance its taste. Undoubtedly, Vermouth was a brilliant success that brought the merchant a serious increase in sales. But what’s so special about Vermouth?

    Its flavour, aroma and fusion of ingredients make it an ideal drink before any meal. It doesn’t contain too much alcohol, unlike other cocktails, and tastes fantastic.

    With this box, specially designed for Vermouth, we’ll help you create a masterful mix that you’ll want to try again and again. Add a little of each ingredient or make your own creations: your Vermouth will taste incredible but, in addition, vanilla pods, in their original condition, will do wonders for your body.

    Lemon peel … Freshness, acidity, intensity, colour and smell. All in one rind.

    The famous, classic twist of lemon peel has been with us since childhood and, even today, as cocktails and G&Ts boom, its popularity continues with great force. Now, a more sophisticated, intense, flavourful version has been brought to us: dry lemon rind cut carefully into small pieces, perfectly sized for your glass.

    What are the benefits of eating lemon? What would our mothers and grandmothers have done without them? More importantly, what would we do at any culinary moment without a good lemon. Nothing beats it when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy.

    Citrus par excellence, the best known and most widespread of all our (if not all) cuisine around the world. Lemon gives us a constant supply of vitamins and other great nutrients. If we were to list all the good a lemon does, it would feel endless…but with our small snapshot, you’ll definitely be convinced:

    – It’s exceptional for your skin: it eliminates the excess fat making you look radiant, fresh and clean skin.

    – Powerful bleach for stains and teeth.

    – It improves the alkalinity of our blood and naturally regulates pH.

    – It reduces anxiety. – Its anticancer effect is very powerful and can fight strongly against certain tumours.

    – Its detoxifying power is unparalleled. It’s a great ally to the liver and aids liver function.

    – Lemons also help colds and other respiratory problems.

    Start your day with a good glass of warm and water containing a few pieces of lemon peel. Let it infuse and add ginger. You’ll notice the effects after a few days and won’t be able to stop taking it. The question is: why stop? It’s an easy routine which positively changes your body.

    Orange blossom: Summer nights, late walks at dusk and a powerful, pleasant, unique smell from which it hurts to separate. It’s orange blossom and the power of its flower. From the very south of our earth, it marks the sunny, warm season with its freshness that lasts until the end of the afternoon. What would love be without orange blossom?

    With even the smallest amount, it brings a unique smell to our noses and great benefits to our bodies – who could resist always having a good dose of orange blossom in their kitchen? Prepare a rich infusion with the flower of the orange blossom, make your own essential oil for massages or create, the now famous, orange blossom water that you won’t be able to stop drinking. It’s not only refreshing but also delicious – it brings us the utmost happiness.

    Take it alone or boost its benefits by mixing it with cinnamon, lemon or honey. The taste will be even more magnificent and your body will seriously appreciate it, no doubt about it.

    For your drinks and cocktails…it’s essential! Because of its acidic taste (without you having to reach for an orange or lemon), it’ll be like drinking honey. You’ll notice its intense floral flavour but in a very personal, special way. With ginger, it’s the perfect ceremony of tastes. Add it to your glass at room temperature and then add your ice. Leave it be or take take it out of your glass before drinking, according to taste.

    What are its health benefits?

    Nowadays, we can’t ignore orange blossom as it’s our best ally in fighting stress, nervousness and that anxiety that we all experience in our everyday lives.

    – Fighting against insomnia, menstrual pains or headaches are some of orange blossom’s biggest and most successful attributions.

    – Soothes stomach pain thanks to its sedative power, relieving intense digestion.

    – Soothes your sore throat and cough.

    – Helps your kidneys function better.

    *It is not recommended for pregnant women or children under the age of 6.

    Vanilla pods: Vanilla…just through hearing its name we can almost smell it. And what a scent! Simply wonderful. Which is why the vast majority of people have succumbed to its charms. It isn’t only loved for its place in the kitchen within rich food and, of course, desserts and sweets, but also in household decorations. Air fresheners, scented candles and, of course, fragrances…the smell of vanilla is used to attract good luck and a lot of love.

    Vanilla is one of the most special and desired species in the world. Alongside saffron, known for its complex harvesting, vanilla holds an honorary position in every list of condiments. It’s unique, it’s special, it’s epic…Even its origin is magnificent and sweet. Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, found in pods, which must be treated with the utmost care – it’s extremely delicate. From caring to the plant itself to harvesting the vanilla, everything must be done by hand. Farmers are responsible for both harvesting and storing the vanilla.

    It brings with it aroma and a unique flavour but also the vanilla pods, in their original state, are highly beneficial for our bodies.

    – It helps to reduce cholesterol and thus, of course, helps to keep your heart beating strong and healthily. Is it so that we can love it even more?

    – It generates the ideal situation for your cells and tissue to stay connected, thanks to its antioxidant powers.

    – Its antibacterial power protects your immune system.

    – All of its components, especially its antioxidants, help prevent cancer.

    – If you have any inflammation of any kind, it helps to lighten and relieve the symptoms and consequences.

    – For hair loss or breakage, vanilla oil is perfect. Your hair will shine as the oil attracts aids better blood flow.

    – Eliminates acne by helping to heal sensitive skin on your face.

    – It relieves stress and brings us to a state of complete relaxation. Hence, the world of of candles has chosen vanilla for aromatherapy.

    – It helps protect your throat from external agents like colds which cause irritation.

    Vanilla pods should have a place in your kitchen, but also in your home. In desserts, they’ll delight your guests. In infusions, they’ll give you the calamity you need to enjoy truly enjoy yourself. Use them whole or grated at the last moment to enhance their flavour and aroma. They’ll be your biggest, favourite addiction.

    Vanilla pods are the best flavourings that you could possibly include in your cocktails. Whether it’s gin and tonic, rum or vodka, split open a vanilla pod and let its great aroma release and flow into your drink. It’s, without a doubt, a masterful experience that you’ll definitely want to try again. Even the smallest amount will be enough, thanks to its powerful flavour, so enjoy it at its best.

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