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1 Rum Box with a VANILLA STICK (Glass Tube). Ingredients: Vanilla. Net Weight 5g 0.18oz BRAZILIAN COFFEE (Glass Tube). Ingredients: Brazilian Coffee. Net Weight 10g 0.35oz ALLSPICE (Glass Jar). Ingredients: Allspice. Net Weight 50g 1.76oz QUILLING CINNAMON (Glass Jar). Ingredients: Quilling Cinnamon. Net Weight 20g 0.71oz ORANGE PEEL (Glass Jar). Ingredients: Orange Peel. Net Weight 40g 1.41oz GINGER CUT (Glass Jar). Ingredients: Ginger. Net Weight 60g 2.12oz NUTMEG (Glass Jar). Ingredients: Nutmeg. Net Weight 45g 1.59oz BRAIDED SPOON + JIGGER

Regional Botanicals: Rum Box

  • “Yours is the Rum…there’s no doubt about it. Not only do you like it…you’re absolutely fascinated by a good cocktail with a Ron base! Why not take it to the next level? Why not enjoy it to the max with this specialised, unique box?

    It has the best ingredients, the most special botanists and the very best blend of Ron. You can add them all individually to the preparation of your recipes or make your own mixtures to perfect your technique.


    – Vanilla pods: Vanilla…just through hearing its name we can almost smell it. And what a scent! Simply wonderful. Which is why the vast majority of people have succumbed to its charms. It isn’t only loved for its place in the kitchen within rich food and, of course, desserts and sweets, but also in household decorations. Air fresheners, scented candles and, of course, fragrances…the smell of vanilla is used to attract good luck and a lot of love.

    Vanilla is one of the most special and desired species in the world. Alongside saffron, known for its complex harvesting, vanilla holds an honorary position in every list of condiments. It’s unique, it’s special, it’s epic…Even its origin is magnificent and sweet. Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, found in pods, which must be treated with the utmost care – it’s extremely delicate. From caring to the plant itself to harvesting the vanilla, everything must be done by hand. Farmers are responsible for both harvesting and storing the vanilla.

    Jamaican coffee: Love at first sight. This is what coffee tastes like on the island of Jamaica. It’s a love that only grows with time and will never fade, thanks to the quality of Jamaica’s fruit.

    1728, 6 plants and a local governor who loves both coffee and his land. Since then, everything has proliferated in such a way that, today, Jamaican coffee is indispensable within our cups, so much so that the island produces 2.5 million kilos of coffee per year. This figure only proves the incredible quality of your product. This very product is shipped to us from a very specific altitude, existing only in the Blue Mountain (between 600 and 1,300 metres high). Only from up there, with those amazing views, can you have such great coffee.

    The process to taste this Jamaican coffee…it can’t be taken lightly! But the end result is well worth it. Months in a nursery, others replanted in Blue Mountain, being dried and selected from the very best intense red bean. Once roasted, it’ll reach our cups for us to enjoy its smell, taste and intensity…

    What makes it so special and unique? The altitude, forest cover, the slops and richness of the terrain and the humid climate in which the tree comes to life. Not to mention, the fact that the coffee is ground there, in the mountains of Jamaica, without mixing in any other type of coffee. To find coffee purer or authentic is impossible!

    Why do we like it?

    Because the coffee is so rich and Jamaica definitely gives to us what we expect from coffee (including its antioxidants) but with less acidity, a lower level of caffeine and a sweet but full-bodied flavour. It’s a perfect blend.

    The Jamaican pepper…although a pepper it is not. It’s an enigma spice that causes great confusion, giving us flavour, aroma and endless benefits. If you love spices and trying new foods, the Jamaican pepper has to be in your kitchen.

    It’s a berry that, by itself, collects a great number of spices. It’s an authentic All in One! It’s like eating pepper, cloves, cinnamon and juniper at the same time, which is why it’s called one of the great gifts of nature.

    Allspice, guayabita, malagueta, or candy…You’ve seen it in many different forms but it always stays the same.

    Ceylon cinnamon: you enter your front door, smell cinnamon and let yourself go. You see yourself at home as a child, when your mother prepared delicious desserts like rice pudding and your day, at that very moment, turns 180º. It’s the powerful effect of the cinnamon stick. It transports you, carries you, make you feel like few other spices do.

    As one of the most widely recognised spices with the highest accompanying price, the cinnamon stick holds an honorary place in all cuisines. Its uses are endless, not only in sweets and desserts, but also in salty recipes. Assign a stick of cinnamon to your dish will take it to the next level. It’s so desired that it also exists as a luxury good used in: candles for your home, essences for the very best perfumes, medicinal ingredients for its powerful effects. The cinnamon stick is one of the treasures of both this and all other centuries.

    Ceylon Cinnamon is the most authentic and is of the highest quality, resulting from its laborious extraction process. Originally from the Lauraceae, a tree growing more than 10 metres high, the very best cinnamon is extracted from the tree once it reaches 4 or 5 years of age. The work takes place during the rainy season to make it easier and the cinnamon is left to dry for 24 hours. The outer side is then scraped off and rolled, then allowed to dry, first in the shade and then the sun. From there, it’s stored in jars so that in arrives to our homes in only the very best condition.

    Orange peel: Orange, always so vibrant, bitter and exquisite at the same time. It never goes out of fashion, always present in our gastronomy and, of course, inside the cocktail bar. Either its fruit or, unsurprisingly, its skin. Fresh or dry, you should always include it in your recipes. Who hasn’t grated a little orange peel for its sweetness? Everyone has tried it. If you’re a cocktail lover and love to add some citrus to your preparation, everything is made easier with the excellent quality, sliced orange peel that we serve in a glass jar. Always ready, perfectly dried so that you can enjoy it anywhere.

    You won’t ever want to forget adding orange peel to your diet. Add it to your cocktails to give them a unique touch or in infusions to benefit from all the good it can do for your body.

     INSTRUMENTS: Because all preparation requires the very best tools, even your highest quality gin and tonic! Dispenser: You need to prepare your most important cocktail…Everything’s arranged, perfectly organised and your guests are waiting….Are you going to risk pouring without millimetre control?

    Protect your reputation and get out of all tricky situations with the Beverage and Liquor dispenser that Regional has picked for you.

    Essential from now onwards, all of your actions will be controlled, without any altercations. A professional dispenser, made with the best materials (steel) that also aids cleaning and maintenance. You just have to put it into the bottle and, from there, enjoy non-stop dispensing.

    Prepare a unique cocktail experience to enjoy from start to finish.

    – Braided spoon: If you’re going to prepare a good cocktail, always use the best utensils!

    A surgeon would never use a kitchen knife and you, someone who makes cocktails well and with impeccable style as a hobby, should only be using the very best instruments.

    Pour your chosen drink into a glass with class but, above all, with the best method so that no flavour is lost, enhancing its great characteristics.

    An elongated, braided spoon made of steel will improve your technique.

    Why do you need this braided spoon?

    • Reduces the loss of carbonic acid in your drinks.
    • It facilitates the task of removing the ice before starting and cooling the glass.
    • It helps you to infuse the botanists without having to put them in contact with your hand and, thus, contaminate them.
    • Its turning handle helps you prepare the cocktails in stages. If you love making cocktails or just want to make them with more pizzazz, this spoon needs to be added to your utensil collection immediately .”
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