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1 Glass jar packaging of Regional Co Vanilla 5g / 0.35oz– Orange peel 8g / 0.28oz– Brazilian Coffee 10g / 0.35oz

Regional Botanicals: For Rum-Ron


    Each cocktail is unique in its own way and if you or your guests are more into Rum, you’ll have the perfect mixture.

    With these three ingredients, your cocktails will be fantastic and, above all, special. You can use them separately or create new mixtures directly from your imagination. Rum is a unique liquor. In each of its versions (from the most common to the purest and oldest), it manages to bring with it an exceptional flavour with each sip. When mixed with the right botanists, you’ll have an incredible combination.

    Choose the botanists (spices used for cocktails) that you like and directly add them to your drink whilst preparing or infuse them beforehand (leave the spices in your Rum for 3 seconds in the microwave) and you’ll surprise both yourself and your guests.

    Vanilla pods: Vanilla…just through hearing its name we can almost smell it. And what a scent! Simply wonderful. Which is why the vast majority of people have succumbed to its charms. It isn’t only loved for its place in the kitchen within rich food and, of course, desserts and sweets, but also in household decorations. Air fresheners, scented candles and, of course, fragrances…the smell of vanilla is used to attract good luck and a lot of love.

    Vanilla is one of the most special and desired species in the world. Alongside saffron, known for its complex harvesting, vanilla holds an honorary position in every list of condiments. It’s unique, it’s special, it’s epic…Even its origin is magnificent and sweet. Vanilla is the fruit of an orchid, found in pods, which must be treated with the utmost care – it’s extremely delicate. From caring to the plant itself to harvesting the vanilla, everything must be done by hand. Farmers are responsible for both harvesting and storing the vanilla.

    It brings with it aroma and a unique flavour but also the vanilla pods, in their original state, are highly beneficial for our bodies.

    – It helps to reduce cholesterol and thus, of course, helps to keep your heart beating strong and healthily. Is it so that we can love it even more?

    – It generates the ideal situation for your cells and tissue to stay connected, thanks to its antioxidant powers.

    – Its antibacterial power protects your immune system.

    – All of its components, especially its antioxidants, help prevent cancer.

    – If you have any inflammation of any kind, it helps to lighten and relieve the symptoms and consequences.

    – For hair loss or breakage, vanilla oil is perfect. Your hair will shine as the oil attracts aids better blood flow.

    – Eliminates acne by helping to heal sensitive skin on your face.

    – It relieves stress and brings us to a state of complete relaxation. Hence, the world of of candles has chosen vanilla for aromatherapy.

    – It helps protect your throat from external agents like colds which cause irritation.

    Vanilla pods should have a place in your kitchen, but also in your home. In desserts, they’ll delight your guests. In infusions, they’ll give you the calamity you need to enjoy truly enjoy yourself. Use them whole or grated at the last moment to enhance their flavour and aroma. They’ll be your biggest, favourite addiction.

    Vanilla pods are the best flavourings that you could possibly include in your cocktails. Whether it’s gin and tonic, rum or vodka, split open a vanilla pod and let its great aroma release and flow into your drink. It’s, without a doubt, a masterful experience that you’ll definitely want to try again. Even the smallest amount will be enough, thanks to its powerful flavour, so enjoy it at its best.

    Orange, always so vibrant, bitter and exquisite at the same time. It never goes out of fashion, always present in our gastronomy and, of course, inside the cocktail bar. Either its fruit or, unsurprisingly, its skin. Fresh or dry, you should always include it in your recipes. Who hasn’t grated a little orange peel for its sweetness? Everyone has tried it. If you’re a cocktail lover and love to add some citrus to your preparation, everything is made easier with the excellent quality, sliced orange peel that we serve in a glass jar. Always ready, perfectly dried so that you can enjoy it anywhere.

    Why do we love orange peel?

    – Because its aroma is unique and nothing can replace it.

    – It is a powerful antibacterial and antioxidant.

    – It naturally favours digestion.

    – Its components are highly anti-inflammatory.

    – Keeps cholesterol at bay.

    – It’s highly effective in eliminating fat…It helps you lose weight.

    You won’t ever want to forget adding orange peel to your diet. Add it to your cocktails to give them a unique touch or in infusions to benefit from all the good it can do for your body. Whatever time of year, prepare and enjoy a good cup of orange peel tea.

    Brazilian coffee is one of those rare few. Drinking a cup of coffee has become a ritual, but coffee doesn’t only live inside coffee cups…include it in your cocktails, make it the protagonist of that gin and tonic for a special occasion. The smell of the coffee alone will be a complete delight.

    Brazilian coffee, of the Arabica variety, is known for its sweet taste (similar to African coffees like Kenya’s, but without the acidity). It has a perfect balance of flavours that makes Brazilian coffee unique and considered one of the best in the world. Furthermore, this coffee has the Seal of Purity which guarantees all of its splendour and quality…are you really going to miss out?

    It has a great deal of aroma, not too much body and some sweet spots that make it unique. Brazilian coffee is highly valued by those who don’t wish to drink strong coffee but to have a sweeter experience, maintaining its natural flavour and high quality, alone, without extras.

    Due to its flavour and aroma, Brazilian Coffee is highly sought after to be used in coffee blends. Its sweet taste and aroma give it a distinctive, special touch.

    Coffee, a gift brought to us thanks to the fortuitous action of a monk who, when tasting coffee’s “unpleasant” flavour, threw it into the fire as waste. Moments later, appreciating the incredible smell, the monk changed his mind and rescued the coffee to make drinks from the roasted beans.

    If you love coffee, you can’t miss out on our tube of Brazilian Coffee. It can be drunk from a glass jar or, instead, you could include a few granules in your gin and tonic. The flavour is exceptional, the aroma is unsurpassable and you’ll, without a doubt, be surprised by its unique taste.

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