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1 Glass jar packaging of Regional Co Juniper, Red Pepper and Cardamom. Net Weight: 50g.Volume: 4oz.


Regional Botanicals: For Gin & Tonic

  • The boom and popularity of gin and tonic hasn’t yet waned. The drink still brings joy to momentous occasions for couples, friends and get-togethers.

    If you’re passionate about gin and tonic, make it great with this set. It makes the perfect gift to give someone you truly love. With this gin and tonic box, all of your favourite cocktails will be taken up a notch.

    It offers three indispensable condiments for your most daring gin and tonics, with three extras that’ll give your cocktails a touch of flavour, scent and colour to your most precious concoctions. You’ll be the envy of all of your gatherings.

    – Juniper Berries: Would would become of our beloved gin and tonics without juniper? Surely, nothing! But juniper doesn’t only reside in our glasses; it also brings a whole range of benefits to our bodies.

    The juniper berries, grown in bushes that can reach 7 metres high, have sharp, dark green leaves and are a fundamental ingredient for all stomach ailments. Without having to leave Europe (although it can also be found in Asia and North America), we can still find it at its highest quality. It was bet on in Ancient Greece for its ability to increase athletes’ physical endurance before important sporting events.

    Including juniper berries in your daily life will greatly improve your digestive health and diuretic system. Thanks to its terpinene-4, which decreases our levels of uric acid, kidney activity is increased without losing electrolytes such as potassium (which is very common when treating renal activity).

    Juniper berries have truly captivated us because:

    – They’re a powerful antioxidant: they’re able to remove harmful, free radicals from our bodies as well as prevent and improve illnesses or diseases in the brain and blood vessels.

    – Strong antibacterial: juniper berry oil has a strong action-reaction against bacteria, inhibiting their movement.

    – Eliminate toxins from the body: we toxins in our bodies as if they’ve made us rich, but really they drain us, depriving us of restful sleep and energy.

    – Allies to our bowel and stomach: increase the flow of digestive fluids contributing to lighter, better digestion.

    – Diuretic function: helps to release fluid retention which reduces swelling and contributes to weight loss.

    Cardamom: Enjoying spicy foods is never healthier than when they contain cardamom. It’s considered a spice of excellence, helping the entire digestive system. It makes the perfect condiment, adding flavour and scent, helping our bodies feel better with lighter digestion. Cardamom takes care of “our other brain”: the stomach.

    Originating from South India, cardamom is extremely valuable for its high essential oil content which helps our bodily functions. But if cardamom is beneficial to our bodies, it’s mostly because of its high starch content. Why is an appropriate does of starch good for us? Because it’s natural, straight from a botanist, as well as helping make food nutritious and energising. Who doesn’t want a little extra energy for their busy day?

    Keep in mind cardamom’s high percentage of fibre and you have in your hands a fundamental ingredient for your dishes.

    What else does the great cardamom have?

    – It’s a source of natural nutrients like no other.

    – Its stimulating factors help us to stay alert and active throughout the day (and helps depression).

    – It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory: it relieves pain and fights against infections.

    – If you include cardamom in your diet, your body odour will improve.

    – It is essential for fluid retention. – It’s an indisputable accelerator for our metabolism: it helps to burn fat. – Great intestinal regulator which facilitates our digestion and allows us to eat better.

    – It’s great for respiratory problems such as pharyngitis and sore throats.

    Pink peppercorn: An intense pink, almost red…a powerful colour that perfectly defines this pepper. Needless to say, it’s beautiful on the outside. It reigns with splendour – the pink peppercorn will captivate you with its strength. Who said pink is a weak colour?

    The pink peppercorn, although not truly a pepper due to its origin, is brought to us from Latin America (Peru, Brazil, Argentina), although it’s so robust that it can be grown in many different places. From a strong tree that can grow to incredible heights, the pink peppercorn is a special seasoning, usually mixed with white and black pepper to enhance its flavour.

    It definitely doesn’t lack spice but it’s by no means aggressive…don’t forget that we’re talking about the pink peppercorn. It’s sweet as well as powerful, critic but pleasant, somewhat like a pine tree. It makes a unique, exquisite addition to any recipe. One recipe it works best with is that including black and white chocolate.

    Rich, special, innovative and great for our bodies.

    – It has a great satiating power so helps you to lose weight.

    – Aromatic in every pore of your being. When whole, you’ll be able to appreciate its smell but once ground…its pink powers are unleashed.

    – A diuretic and laxative in the right measure without being aggressive. – Helps prevent early aging thanks to its antioxidant powers. – During autumns and winters, it’s your ally against colds and the flu.

    – It’s an intense fungicide that helps eliminate fungi and bacteria (perfect for candida).

    And you, how are you going to use these condiments? Together or individually? Dare to make the most authentic blend!

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