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Box with 24 bottles of Ocarina Peach 9.3 FL OZ 275ml 

Ocarina: Peach 9.3 FL OZ 275ml Case of 24 Bottles

SKU: 7500326303463



The Damascus or Apricot:
exquisite fruit originating from the Black Sea, popularized throughout Europe by the Romans and brought by the Spaniards to America.
Zacatecas is the main producer in Mexico of this fruit, the temperate climate Subhumid is ideal for the development of this juicy fruit  and good color, with a ight acidity and a more dominant sweetness.
We extract the juice from Damascus, we mix it with sugar cane juice,
We carbonated slightly so as not to lose the natural aromas once opened. 
The result is a fresh, balanced soda, aromatic and floral.

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