1 case of My Moment Cafe de Olla with 12 Coffee Bags 

My Moment: Cafe de Olla

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My Moment is an excellent gourmet coffee 100% organic and grown in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Coffee has always been present in the great events of our history either as grain or drink, the proof is that ranks second in consumer preferences, just after water. My Moment coffee is traditionally and carefully grown by several Indian communities in Chiapas (over 300 families), which gives it's characteristics of quality, taste, body and aroma.

My Moment coffee has earned national and international recognition for its quality and tastes as a gourmet product. The coffee is grounded as if it was going to be used on a regular coffee maker but instead it is place in individual tea bags. This presentation no longer requires the use of a coffee maker of the need of coffee filters. It's size and weight are the exact amount and mix of Arabica and Morag coffees. You only need hot water, exactly the same procedure as if your were going to prepare tea.

The production process is closely monitored under a certification system to guarantee that coffee is totally free of pesticides, agrochemicals, insecticides or chemical fertilizers, thus contributing to our health. It is cultivated and harvested using natural methods and coffee trees are mixed with other species such a as orange, banana or lemon trees to prevent water and/or soil pollution, our land has been clean for the past 10 years and bacteriological tests are applied to detect any change in its composition.



• It stimulates the central nervous system, awakens our senses and improves our ability to receive and analyze information.
• Having considerable magnesium, it improves intestinal transit preventing and correcting moderate constipation problems.

• It is a natural antioxidant that contains magnesium, selenium and zinc helping us prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease for example.
• As a natural diuretic is helps our blood pressure, specially in cases of hypertension or high blood pressure.

• To maximize the benefits of My Moment Organic Coffee, nutrition specialists suggest a daily intake of no more than four cups of coffee and preferably before 6:00 pm. 

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