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1 bottle of Maybewest, Tamarind 25oz (750ml)

15% alc. Vol

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Maybewest, Tamarind 25oz (750ml)

SKU: 195893148813

Maybewest Mezcal is woodfire distilled in coppercut with FRESH mountain spring water.
Our mezcal is produced in Durango, Mexico and has a Protected Designation of Origin.

Our expert jimadores from the region of Nombre De Dios, Durango, in Mexico, carry in their veins a tireless spirit and an extraordinary skill: the combined expertise and superb craftsmanship of multiple generations dedicated to the collection of wild agave in the highest mountains, the jima (the harvest), and long journeys on muleback to extract the pineapple-looking orbs (piñas) that contain the agave honey, which are then baked underground for three days with volcanic stone, pine, acacia firewood, and covered with wet grass, pine leaves, ixtle, silt and natural spring water, to capture the unique essence of the nature of the region.

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