1 case with 24 bottles of 6 Limoncito 4-pack 12oz (355ml)

Limoncito, 12oz (355ml) Case of 24 Bottles

SKU: 860000732741

A fresh squeezed Agua Fresca (a fresh fruit drink) found in fruterias throughout south texas, this limoncito is a refreshing blend of lemons and limes, a touch of honey and swetened with pure cane sugar, an excelent drink to liven up any fiesta. Limoncito is best served on ice or drink it chilled from the bottle. Enjoy!.

Founded on the Southside of San Antonio our craft soda is inspired
by the flavors of South Texas. By blending area ingredients to
familiar recipes, we’re creating beverages that are uniquely our own.
Visit SouthsideCraftSoda.com to see what other sodas we’re making.

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