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2 Glass Test Tubes (15 grs)

Compania de Sales: Epazote & Jalapeño Sea Salt, 2-pack

SKU: 7500326730344

El Epazote is one of the most commonly used herbs in Mexican cuisine. As well as delicious, it has a cornucopia of proven medicinal properties for hundreds of years.

We combine it with red tatemado jalapeno, also full of medicinal properties in order to create one of the most irrestistibless combinations in Mexican cuisine.


Salt Sea of ​​Cortez

Epazote ( dysphania ambrosioides )

Jalapeno pepper (Capsicum annuum L. )


If outdoor cooking is your thing , use it to give a touch of chili toreado and herbs to meats and grilled vegetables . Use it also add flavor to salads and cocktails.

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