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Creador Espadin Capon 25.36oz (750ml)

Alc. Vol. 48.4%

Creador Espadin Capon


About this destilado de agave

Creador Espadin Capon is made with 100% capon agaves. Capón is the act of cutting the quiote when it is jutting skyward from the center of the agave. This takes tremendous energy, which is in fact, sugar. With the quiote cut and nowhere for that energy to be expended, the sugar stays in the plant and transforms until the agave is harvested. The result – destilado with distinct and delicious characteristics.

Batch JAEC1122 is José Alberto’s first ever batch of espadín capón. This Agave angustifolia, was cultivated in the Sola de Vega region of Oaxaca, and took 8-10 years to reach maturity. The quiote was cut (capón), and the agave remained in the ground an additional 9 months before being harvested.

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