6 boxes of "De Cecco" Rigatoni Pasta #24  (1lb)

"De Cecco" Rigatoni Pasta #24 (1lb) 6 boxes

SKU: 024094070244

Rigatoni, which is a typical type of traditional pasta from Rome, have the characteristic ridged external surface and a large diameter and thickness. The shape is particularly versatile and is perfect with a variety of tomato or vegetable sauces, but the best condiments are sauces made from meat: slow-cooked sauces with meat and mushrooms, made from beef and pork, sausage or giblets. The recipe with pajata (calf intestines) is a classic dish. Any type of sauce that is sufficiently liquid to get inside the pasta and be trapped by the ridges is recommended.

Available in 16.0 oz pack.

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