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“Bubbs Seltzer- Handmade Texas Hill Country Seltzer. We source our Seltzer from the heart of Texas and deliver it in 100% sustainable seltzer siphon bottles. Bubbs Seltzer is crisp, clean and sustainable. Use a little, or use a lot and never have flat water. Once empty, return the bottle to your delivery driver so it can be washed and refilled for its next journey.”

Bubbs Seltzer 6 Pack (6 x 44oz)

  • Here at Bubbs we see a problem that needs to be solved. Packaged soda waters of all shapes and sizes taking over valuable space in our workplace, and at home. So, as current and former bartenders, we decided to solve this problem by creating a product with old school vibes, but forward-thinking sensibility.

    In an effort to stop waste associated with bottled carbonated water, we decided to revive the old-fashioned seltzer shop in Texas. Bubbs exists because of the amazing amount of waste packaged soda waters create, behind the bar and at home.

    Bubbs Seltzer is happy to announce old school, sustainable and zero waste seltzer has arrived, and we are ready to start delivering to all the finest establishments from Austin to Houston and everywhere in between!

    Our seltzer is made from highly filtered Texas Hill Country water from the limestone caverns of the Edwards aquifer, and pure food grade Co2, resulting in ultra-fizzy, clean and crushable seltzer.

    Each bottle of seltzer is filled by hand into old school seltzer siphon bottles, and because these bottles are never opened, you can use as little, or as much seltzer as you need and the water will never go flat!

    Say goodbye to bottled water!

    Our seltzer delivery brings fresh, full six packs of seltzer bottles to your bar, restaurant, home or office on a weekly basis to make sure you always have seltzer water when you need it, whether it be for your cocktail program or by the glass.

    The six packs stack nicely and are low profile so they can fit into the smallest area of your refrigeration.

    We then pick up the empty bottles, wash and refill so there is never any waste!

    Because we are a drop off, and pick up delivery, you only pay for the empty bottles that need to be replenished.

  • In order to keep our administration as eco-friendly as possible, there will be minimal printed invoices or receipts.

    If you require a printed invoice, please let us know. Each account will be sent an electronic invoice at the end of their delivery day.

    After filling out this form, delivery will be scheduled for the next available delivery day.

    Because we are a drop off, and pick up delivery, you only pay for the empty bottles that need to be replenished.