1 case with 24 bottles of Boing! Guava 11.8oz (349ml)

Boing! Guava 11.8oz (349ml) Case of 24 Bottles

SKU: 1983640003

We are a Company with more than half a century tradition in Mexico’s soft drinks industry. The key to our success is the development of advanced technologies, alongside highly qualified personnel that enables us to make fruit beverages out of our homeland fields. 

The Cooperativa has created immensely dynamic and capable management and production bodies, turning into a worldwide example of work integration, where our professional ethics and commitment to production activities have received well-deserved recognition as well as national and international awards.

The quality demonstrated throughout this time, and our capacity for innovation allows Cooperativa Pascual to continue the already legendary tradition of making its beverages with the best fruits from Mexico’s fields and at the same time, to perfect its production processes with technical and professional resources of the highest level in Mexico and the world.

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