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1 bottle of Batuq Bacanora Reserva

Alc. Vol. 44%

Batuq Bacanora Reserva


Originally reserved for friends and family, the Reserva is made from the best agaves hand selected by Maestro Vinatero Rafael Quijada. The agaves are Caponed (castrated) - "Capon" refers to when the flowering stalk is broken right after it starts emerging. This allows the energy that would normally go into once a lifetime reproduction to concentrate in the plant base, producing a high level of sugars. "Viejo" refers to agaves that are left for 1- 2 years after being Caponed before they are harvested, to achieve best maturity and ensure the highest sugars and best flavor. The Reserva de la Casa is exceptionally rich with deep complex flavors and very smooth. This is an exceptional bacanora and nothing on the market compares.

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