Box of 8 bottles of Agua de Piedra Sparkling Water 12 FL OZ 355ml

(For the 24 bottle case please contact us)

Agua de Piedra Sparkling Water 12 oz, 355ml (Box of 8 Bottles)

SKU: 70503010338543

Our natural spring water owes its unique flavor to the mineral profile provided by the filtration through the geological formations of the Huasteca basin from Nuevo León, México.

Chemical Composition: 
SO4: 220.0 mg/L  HCO3: 290.0 mg/L Ca: 440.0mg/L  Mg: 72.0mg/L 

Cl:70.0 mg/L  Na: 48.0 mg/L  NO3: 0.009 mg/L  Ph:7.0

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