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1 Glass Bottle Aczu Gin 25.35oz (750ml)

45% alc. Vol

Avaliable only trought:

Aczu Gin 25.35oz (750ml)

SKU: 111120112020


One of the key elements in the complexity of our gin is the water we use for its manufacture. The water is extracted from the farm where our distillery is located. Although it is treated and purified by osmosis, it is still unique. Our water retains the essence of the sea and all the surrounding agricultural lands because it comes from underground.


Our distillery is located in Chipiona, a town that is known for its Muscat wine. The land of Chipiona is perfect for growing the Moscatel grape, from which Muscat is made. Another beneficiary of this fertile land are the fruits and vegetables. Since our distillery is located on a farm surrounded by vineyards and crops, this influences the manufacturing of our gin. As we let our gin rest in steel tanks for 5 months to oxygenate, the surrounding environment of our farm helps develop its character by modifying its flavor and aroma , softening it and making the botanicals, alcohol and water come together in perfect harmony.


We are in an area where the climate is hot and humid which makes the temperature more stable. This positively effects the maceration of Aczu Gin because all the essential oils of the botanicals are extracted in a natural process. The climate also influences the maturation of the botanicals, allowing the ripening to occur very slowly and naturally, without major changes in temperature, so that our productions are consistent regardless of the time of year.


The spices provide an aroma both warm and sweet along with the freshness of citrus to the nose.


At first, an explosion of flavor appears from the spices and then expands throughout the mouth, reaching every corner. This is followed by a lingering citrusy freshness.

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